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Why shouldn't there be peace in our time ?

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We advocate Peace Now In our Life times ! 

 We don't think we should be waiting for the "Super Rich Powers that Be" to reward the world with peace when in fact they make so much money they don't really want peace.  Its sad but true:  the rich kids go to Harvard, Yale, and other Ivy League Schools while the poor to go to VietRaqIstans's to die or come home without arms and legs !   Henry Ford said: "The Rich make money on the graves of the poor!"  He also vowed to never ever allow any military production of any type ever take place in any of his factories for anyones military period.


DEMO KITS NOW AVAILABLE CLik on --->GET KIT TO DOUBLE YOUR BATTERY LIFE for Alkaline D, C, AA, AAA, and other batteries  Once you are convinced its really for real, then you can demo to your CEO and get 20%  if you arrange a contract between the inventor-Owner of the USA patented circuit (Jeffrey S. Davis). Part of the profits will be used for missionary work to get oppressed people off the street and into productive jobs/lives.  (so you could look at it as a charitable donation/work).   NAME DROPPER PROGRAM PAYS 1%: if you just mention the website to someone and they buy in, then you would get 1% of what will be hundreds of millions as almost EVERYTHING HAS TO HAVE BATTERIES anymore (at least its heading that way).  One of the best features of the patent circuit is that you don't have to replace all the batteries all at once to get many more hours, just replace the worst cell and the circuit does the rest, you can also mix and match battery types in the pack eliminating the need for "always" having to search for exact match, just stick in a cheap heavy duty and enjoy many more hours, while getting the remaining energy out of the other 3 cells.  We've been using it for years and are very happy with the fact that we never have to worry about battery condition: in fact with alkalines we accidently left it on for days and still because of the circuit got a least a decent light  !!  Stranger than fiction!

Also please join us in our efforts to get world leaders to work alot harder (zero effort seems to be the rule of the day so far).  We need a USA Dept of PEACE that would be funded with 1% of the war funding (that 1% will outweigh all the 99% that is spent to pursue war$).

 Join by writing to thanks.  Peace be to all !

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  We have 2 patentable idea for sale that can help the world immensely (we offer at least 20% to anyone who arranges the first deal on either of these patents to a manufacturer / licensee).  thanks.

1.  Is the patent that gleans much more power (erg/joules) from normal everyday types of batteries by voltage maniupulations (cheap easy, low cost , is installed in devices at the factory and then the user uses normal batteries as usual but gets 100% more use.  In other words it doubles the battery use available.  Already patented (ask us for the patent number). 

2.  The cure for Poison Ivy!  It works instantly to cure the itching and completely eliminates it within a few hours.  Great for campers, hikers, joggers, outdoors people!   Patent pending.

3. We have electric car that has the NIMH batteries in it and are getting better and better results so far (going slow as to not make any serious mistakes). (lead acid batteries fall apart after 3 years, while NIMH cells (suppressed by texaco/chevron lasts indefinitely according to Toyota (meaning years of use). 

4.  We are planning to build the most efficient Solar Sterling engine (up to 50% efficiency which is highest known to man so far; most motors engines get only up to 20% if they are lucky).

The Good Spirit is of Peace (not war) !


**Yes most people know the good spirit of PEACE as Jesus but unfortunately "FollyWood" and Big Biz have highjacked the name to mean pro-war.  Now christians are being "stiffed" even hunted all over the world because of their mistaken association with war and violence. True christians are for peace not war !  Thus we say that If a person who goes to church twice a week is for war, they are not really following Christ, if an atheist is for peace, really he/she is really following christ!

"Blessed are the feet of those who bring tidings of Peace "  (bible new testament)

Help us prevent nuclear Winter !

The purveyors of war want us to do nothing, because that enables them (the warmongers, many of whom are simply caught up in the whole defense industry "inertia" because they need jobs too and want to have a decent living ) .   But really doing this adds to the problem, we have too much emphasis on war, and the provoking of countries so that there always seems to be a war going on with USA troops involved somewhere in the world all the time.   We need to get off of this additction to the profits of war for the super rich (SR).   The USA is LAST in the race for alternative energy, isn't that sad and shocking ?  We could be doing so much more to save the 1000 species that (biologists say) are going extinct every year !